Here are 20 tips to help you “level up” in League of Legends.

Here are 20 tips to help you “level up” in League of Legends.

The ability to make decisions in the game is the most critical skill of an excellent League of Legends player.

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In every League of legends match, we must continuously ask the question: “Where to go now?” “Should I go back or forward?” “What should I put next?”… Ability The ability to make decisions in the game is the most critical skill of an excellent gamer. It is the dividing line between 1 good gamer and one excellent gamer.

1. Focus on the match right from the ban phase. After choosing your champion, try visualizing the early stages of the game. Instead of surfing Facebook, listening to music, try asking the questions: “How will I eat around the forest?” Then gank which way first?” Or “Going with this champion, I will play aggressively or farm peace? How to exchange tactics?”. The initiative to prepare is always right.

2. Before a soldier goes to the lane or even before he sees an opponent on the same line raise the skill, do not add the power early. Example: You are Morgana, you add Q or W in Old Stone Platform and the other team has Blitzcrank, the enemy invades the forest and can eat first blood with a drag from the Steam Robot. It will be very different if raising E Shield black right now level 1.

3. Try to level up as soon as possible (especially levels 2, 3, and 6). Taking advantage of a skill, a degree at the first level brings a great initiative. Try to level up earlier than the opponent and then press forward to exchange skills. If the opponent dodges, it will inevitably lose experience and stats.

4. If you go home to buy equipment that still has about 70 – 100 left, buy Purple Eye instead of 2 health pots. Vision will ensure your safety. No matter where you play, you should help your teammates control their vision.

5. When playing mid. Stand farmed in favor of the half map where your forest is located. If being inquired, you will receive assistance faster.

6. Buy protective equipment while prevailing, attack material when losing. If you are missing but also go to the defense, you will become a spike for the opponent to fight without any threat.

7. Go head to head with assassins who can take a combo when they have Ultimate (Zed, Talon, Fizz …) to bring Exhaustion. For Ultimate-independent assassins such as Leblanc, Kha’zix brings Shields, Heal.

8. Don’t try to “gank” when your teammates are too old, or you and your teammates are not likely to kill the opponent. One jungle mission is not every swindle. If ganking is too hard, focus on warding and minion stats.

9. Must know your strength threshold and adjust the playing style appropriately in each stage. For example, Corki has a Triple Sword, Lucian must have a Youmu Ghost + Black Ax.

10. Speed ​​is not just used to run away. Be proactive in making Speed ​​Flicks if it can give the team an advantage.

11. Should choose a reasonable swindle goal. Gank a lot for your teammates if they were strong Snowball champions (Riven, Fizz, …). Even if you help Vayne to eat Lucian’s first blood, later on, her quality will still help Lucian crush Vayne’s lane in the lane phase.

12. Don’t get too saucy on cooldown reduction. Only a few generals need 45% Cooldown like Lissandra, Lulu, … These are the generals with versatile moves, with a lot of control or Support. Left focus on increasing the available power.

13. Gank early on level 3 with a talisman that is a double-edged sword. Do not do this if the opponent carries Teleport because even if you defeat him, he will return to the road very quickly and not gain experience. For the forest on the other side with experience will be a start of 3 charms for him. Be careful.

14. If you play Support, after the turn to buy items to complete the Shine, call on the forest to swindle the mid lane. If you can not earn a kill, it is also a high pressure for Mid opponents. Do not forget to “convenient business trip” to leave the eyes offline.

15. Don’t chase your opponent if you don’t have enough information about the positions of the remaining enemy champions. Kill him in a note or give up your intention.

16. Dragons, Baron, or turrets are goals that concretize your advantage. Not the kill points.

17. If the opponent is losing or just playing a game, he suddenly rushes to dry blood with you. Chances are there is danger lurking around you. Do not respond too strongly.

18. It is not necessary to kill all enemy teams to eat Baron. Don’t be afraid to enter Baron when your team is getting stronger or see a position your organization does not have Teleport is farmed on the bottom half of the map. Baron is the best way to lure those who are determined to hug their defenses out of their lair.

19. Don’t complain about your teammates’ mistakes; this only aggravates them psychologically.

20. Make yourself comfortable when entering the game. Guaranteed both on time and psychologically.

The above 20 tips are entirely based on the author’s personal views and collectibles. I hope to help those who follow to improve their level of League of Legends. Good luck to everyone on the journey to the justice arena!

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