Logitech G9x Review

Logitech G9x Review

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7.9 Total Score

Logitech G9x

The Logitech G9x is a compact but highly customizable mouse, with its adjustable weight options and grips.

The Logitech G9x laser mouse ($80) is a severe contender in the gaming mice market. Released in August 2009, it is out of the box customization features that offer both casual and avid gamers alike the option to personalize for a better feel and control.


The mouse comes in standard packaging. In the box, you will find the following:-

  • Logitech G9x laser mouse;
  • Full Load and Precision grips;
  • Weight cartridge;
  • Tuning weights and case;
  • User manual


The G9x comes with two interchangeable grips (the Wide Load Grip and Precision grip). The Wide Load Grip provides a broader surface with a thumb rest for extra comfort, which is necessary for long hours of gaming. The Precision grip gives the user a narrower surface in exchange for more accurate control over the mouse. The Wide Load Grip will suit users with generally larger hands, and the Precision grip, for those with smaller hands.

Another useful feature that it has would be the onboard memory, which allows users to store up to five ready-to-play profiles. Profiles can be changed easily via the click of a button found beneath the mouse. This function will benefit professional gamers who prefer to bring their mice along for use in competitions without needing to tweak their favored settings always.

For those who enjoy a full and colorful array of LED lighting on their mouse, the G9x provides a custom-color LED display that lights up to show its sensitivity and profile settings.

I was happy with the scroll wheel, which gave a satisfying click every time I turned the wheel. The clear sound of the clicks, along with their sufficient resistance, was useful in preventing the accidental wheel spinning, which could, in most cases, cause unintended weapon switching. Although this might seem nothing extraordinary and can be found in many of the newer mice models, some of them are still unable to get the level of resistance in the scroll wheel right. This particular mouse does it excellently.

The G9x also comes with a weight-tuning system and cartridges to increase the weight of the mouse up to an additional 28g. This is great for those who’re accustomed to using either a lighter or a heavier mouse. It boils down to a matter of personal preference.


The plug-and-play mouse supports Windows XP, Vista, Seven and Windows 8 out of the box. It is compatible with any USB 2.0 or 3.0 ports. A LogitechSetPoint software is included for those who wish to customize the profiles available on the mouse.


This mouse offers laser precision technology, which can be adjusted anywhere from 200 dpi to 5000 dpi. Since it uses laser technology, the G9x laser mouse fares well on all types of surfaces, including reflective ones. Even so, gamers should use a reliable mousepad for smoother and faster movement. With the in-game sensitivity switch provided for just below the left mouse button, it is now easier than ever to change the sensitivity of the mouse to suit any games on the fly. FPS players will find this feature more beneficial than others, especially when required to switch from long-range sniping to close-range combat always.


At first glance, I honestly didn’t like the shape of this particular mouse at all. Initially, it appeared rather bulky with its left side grip protruding slightly, making it look slightly deformed. Following a few hours of usage, I finally understood Logitech’s logic in the design. The G9x’s ergonomics are excellent in its placement of buttons, and it provides a comfortable grip whether you are utilizing the Wide Load Grip or the Precision grip.

Price and Comparison

At the amount of $79.99, the mouse is considered pricey compared to other gaming mice from more established brands like Razer and SteelSeries. However, the G9x does give an extra advantage of customization compared to any other mice. During this review, I had often switched between the two interchangeable grips for different types of games to suit my preferences. I found that the Wide Load Grip is best for RTS games, whereby I had to keep my hand glued to the mouse for the entire games, which usually lasts about 30 minutes to an hour. The Wide Load Grip allowed me to rest my palm comfortably on the mouse the whole time, and I could go on long gaming sessions continuously, which was great. The Precision grip is best used for FPS games where the matches are way shorter in general, and you can take breaks in between (Call of Duty or Counterstrike: GO comes to mind). A reduced surface volume using the Precision grip also allows for rapid movement and accuracy. This option to switch between a palm grip and a claw grip at my liking is not something offered by many other brands of mice.


Like most Logitech mice, it comes with a 3-year limited hardware warranty. Considering Logitech’s record of building stable quality mice, I don’t see this 3-year limited hardware warranty being used any time soon.


I have been testing this mouse for over six months now. The build quality is still stable, and the clicks produced by the right and left mouse buttons even sound as satisfying as ever. Unfortunately, this mouse doesn’t have a left-hander version, however. Its designs are non-ambidextrous. For those looking for an excellent ambidextrous mouse, we highly recommend either the Razer Deathadder or the SteelSeries Kinzu Optical. I’ve tried the G9x on a variety of games, to name a few Call of Duty Black Ops 2, Diablo 3, Metro Last Light, and Starcraft 2, and its performance is top-notch.

I have also tested this mouse for general surfing and work, but there isn’t much additional advantage over any other cheaper mice available in the market like the Logitech G400. On the whole, though, it has a high level of customization to suit most games and gamers, and I would recommend the Logitech G9x to anyone looking for an excellent laser gaming mouse. Based on my Logitech G9x review, I’d personally give it a solid rating of 4/5.

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