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The mouse is one of the most used peripheral devices worldwide. Even those who work in front of a laptop prefer the comfort of a mouse instead of the touchpad located towards the center, and it is perfect for spending a moment. Still, it can be uncomfortable for those who work several hours a day on the computer.

Like the rest of the peripherals, mice have evolved a lot in recent years, and today the trend is to buy wireless peripherals, both for use on a desktop computer and a laptop. With a wireless mouse, we have total freedom of movement, but we can also take it from one place to another without significant inconveniences.

Although sometimes we buy a mouse without thinking about its characteristics, when we like computer games, we must be careful when selecting the mouse. The so Called First-person Shooter (FPS), that is, the first-person action games of the Half-Life style, for example, are played with a keyboard and mouse. In these cases, the mouse’s responsiveness is critical, so video game fans know that a right mouse can be the difference between living or dying.

Because of This, this Report has been prepared by us on the best wireless gaming mouse this year. And is that gamers can not settle for any mouse, if we want to succeed, we must have the correct game tools. If you are making a comparison of a wireless gaming mouse, we recommend you consider these models.

What is the best wireless gaming mouse of 2020?

1. Steel Series Rival 650 Quantum Wireless Gaming mouse

The first product that we would like to introduce to you is Rival 650. Its operation is very well and lasts 24 hours of battery life. The customize ranges from 2 mm to 5 mm with 256 various gravity weights as well. When it comes to appearance, it is a beautiful and exciting texture with RGB lighting. 

This version can be suitable with 32 bit ARM processor so that you can set some options and standards during your usage. Based on the surface, both sides quickly eliminated for a better experience. 


The weight configuration is 256.

It can mix with an excellent dual sensor.

Well-suited with the 32-bit ARM processor. 


Size fits for larger hands.

2. Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless Gaming mouse. 

Another version of the gaming mouse is Corsair Harpoon rechargeable gaming mouse. It designs with their slipstream wireless technology for excellent speed and useful connections. The weight is 99g is a fabulous choice to make it easy for operating with various conditions.

This mouse is convenient to install. With six entire programmable buttons, it could operate very fast and accurately. Moreover, you can experience more than 60 hours of battery life or plugin while charging. 


It is lightweight and lasts longer.

USE adapter supports with mere plug.

It has six entire buttons for gamers. 


There are no choices for customizing DPI. 

The shape may not be good looking. 

3. Logitech G900 Wireless Gaming Mouse

This version brings yo a scourge of lag time with exciting performance. The optical sensor is seen as the top rank in this industry and conveys more great experience when you are in battle. However, it is a bit expensive and weighs 107 grams for users. Last but not least, this G900 is a high-class model that makes you obtain some great experiences.


The G900 is convenient for customizing lights to dpi.

The clicks are spot and smooth.

Batter lifespan is good at conveying over 30 hours. 


It is quite expensive.

This version is a bit heavier. 

4. E-Blue Mazer II – Wireless Gaming Mouse. 

Mazer II is the latest version of famous plant Type R gaming company. This version makes you use faster and have a fabulous performance. The transmission is 2.4GHz and assists more than 5 million clicks as well. 

The design of Mazer for the right hand is not a kind of thing to worry. Lastly, this product is a fantastic version for you with fabulous emotion.


It supports 3000 fps.

It is convenient when engaging in a severe battle game.

The adjustment is smooth.


Side button needs improvement one day.

5. Razer Lancehead Wireless Gaming Mouse

This version is stylish for some gamers, but nobody can recognize it. It can hold for a long time, thanks to cutting edge technology. Next, rubber grips are convenient, compared to other models. The mouse using Synapse with lighting system and pad calibration that makes it comfortable as well.

Users can grab 24 hours of gaming out with a single battery charge because it is fast and dependable. Moreover, it supports left-handed persons and dual on-board. 


It supports with 1000Hz

The appearance looks so great.

This version assists entire lefties and righties.


Design cues are not right.

The price is not affordable. 

6. Roccat Leadr Wireless Multi-button gaming mouse. 

Here is the cheap version with a mixture of more space and flexibility as well. With a perfect docking station and cutting edge buttons, gamers can enjoy playing very well. The battery can last for more than 30 hours. However, when you are running low, we highly recommend that you should connect to the cable. 

Besides, it could convey 12000dpi and offer 1:1 accuracy as well. The light settings with 16.8 million and six brightness as well. 


It provides with Roccat owl eye sensor.

It has two level illumination.

There is no zero lag.


Right-hand usage may be difficult.

It is not movable. 

7. Razer Naga Epic Chroma

This version is quite sturdy and robust as you are going to find on the market. It has 19 buttons array down with the thumb side and lighting program as well. Naga is difficult for beating since it refers to a real enhancement from the older versions. Also, you play for Assasins’s Creed for more speed. We suggest that you should stick with fewer bells. 


Synapse 2.0 makes it convenient for use.

Gamers can take more control easily via colors.

It supports with MMOs and operates very well.


Nineteen buttons are so complicated for some users.

8. Logitech MX Master Wireless Gaming Mouse. 

Another version of Logitech brands is MX Master Wireless mouse. It is seen as flagship and easy to use for gamers. It is more precise and assists the user with the Darkfield laser sensor for lighting fast recharge for players. 

Last but not least, G900 is a fantastic mouse and not go further from its best performance in the future. 


The design of it is very fabulous.

The Darkfield Laser sensor supports with glass.

You can use USB cable for charging the entire day.


The side scroll takes more time to make use.

It is a bit bulky.

9. Razer Ouroboros Elite Ambidextrous

This gaming mouse is among the perfect versions that bring a lot of values to you. On the other hand, it is suitable for left-handed gamers. Because it offers you a wide range of pretty functions on the top mice without pulling a Jimi Hendrix as well. Moreover, it is so convenient, as fast for lighting, and last longer with the AA battery available. 

Last but not least, it is worth buying at this time. If you have a chance to grab it, we highly recommend to take it as soon as possible. 


1ms reflects infuriating lag during your game battle.

The dpi clutch trigger permits you to take more control.

The Synapse makes you get full customization as well.


Some complained about the clutch trigger, which is malfunctioned.  

10. Logitech G602

The fly dpi of 250 hours and 20 million clicks will make it great for the gamers community. This version considered the best overall product from the Arsenal True plant. Moreover, it supports with no lag performance and response times of 2ms. 

Besides, it is a fabulous version with lots of features for users. You can also adjust dpi with the tips at your fingers when touching buttons.


It supports 11 fully controls for better operation.

Users can have 20 million clicks during their play.

The battery lifespan lasts more than 250 hours. 


It is harder to use 11 programmable buttons for the first time.



There are some characteristics related to the quality of this wireless gaming mouse. Before making your purchase, we will propose some necessary elements for you and how to pick up the best one that fits your demand as well. These are:

Size and thickness: It has a lot of various sizes varied from the small to large. Most of them produced from rubber to cloth, thin to thick as well.

In some cases, some gamers enjoy taking the most advantage of larger one with low sensitivity. Similarly, some persons play with a small mouse for FPS games. When it comes to thickness, it plays a critical role in assisting the wrist during your game. 

Type of sensor: There are two main types, such as optical and laser sensors. The older has high precision, but need a more smooth surface to operate. The others can ensure their accuracy and better performance. 

RGB Lighting and customization

Some famous gaming mice on the market will integrate with LED lighting systems. Based on your flavor, you can select the best one for you by helping to illuminate the layout as well.

Response time

It reflects how quickly your mouse displays on the monitor. We highly recommend that you should not settle for a rate below 1ms. For example, there are some typical games with the reflection of mouse users with 1ms delay time, but it brings an 8ms delay rate in reality. 

DPI transformation

The Dots per inch of gaming mouse issues are so important. Some mice can be easy for adjusting, while others do not. The DIP measurement is higher; your mouse is more sensitive. Some mice at this time can range from 2000 to 4000 DPI. This measurement changed by clicking a button on the mouse. 

Comfort and grip

The grip pattern can identify the degree of your convenience and support as well. Therefore, grip types can affect your gaming experience because it comprises a palm grip, claw grip, and fingertip grip.


How can gaming mouse operate?

– Insert the receiver

– Plug-in and charged with battery.

– Turn on the mouse.

– Connect your device with computer device.

– Check the connection by switching it.

Is a wireless or wired mouse suitable for playing games?

As usual, the wireless mouse is better. Besides, in some cases, the wired mouse is an excellent option for users due to the short delay time. Thus, it will depend on your purposes.   


After scanning through our reviews, we hope that you can gain deeper understandings of the best gaming wireless mouse. There are a lot of gaming mice on the market at this time, but the final decision based on you. Last but not least, all our mice above can help you conveniently handle the fast slamming of fingers in the future.

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