SteelSeries Sensei

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A great mouse in terms of the comfort and precision it provides. It has a rather simple design, however.

Some of you might be surprised that I’ve picked this mouse ($90) by SteelSeries as one of the top 5 gaming mice despite it having a relatively low rating (4.1). I’ve gone over to check the unfavorable reviews on Amazon, and it seems that most of these reviews have been caused by problems getting the driver and updates to work correctly, but come on? That doesn’t warrant downvoting the mouse just because you can’t get a simple software installation to work. We’re more interested in how well the mouse works!

Performance Specifications

Now, let’s move on to the juicy part of the SteelSeries Sensei review. This baby has a maximum DPI of 11400, which is the highest of any mice we’ve ever seen if that’s your thing. I’m convinced that you don’t need more than 3000 DPI for any mouse at all, but some opinions of others have differed. Regardless, the DPI is adjustable on-the-fly via a button that is located right below the middle scroll wheel, which allows for easy access. This is great if you’d like to switch between the DPI settings for when you’re sniping.

Lighting and Buttons

Another truly exceptional feature that this mouse comes with is its extensive LED customization options. Illumination is provided for its logo at the lower back area of the mouse, its scroll wheel as well as the DPI settings button and their color palette is virtually limitless. It has four side buttons (2 at the left and two at the right), which should be sufficient for most gamers. I tend only to use the two additional left ones at the side. Beneath the mouse, they’ve also put in a little LCD that will show the current profile that’s being used. I’m skeptical as to the usefulness of this little additional feature beneath the mouse, but it does seem thoughtful on the part of the manufacturers.


What I love most about it, though, is its comfort level. It fits the palm of my hands just perfectly, and it has a very smooth feel as it glides over my mousepad. The mouse doesn’t come with an adjustable weight option, but at 3.5 ounces, it’s a well-balanced average, so it isn’t too light nor too heavy. If you have a Razer DeathAdder, they basically weigh the same. Indeed, the overall simplistic design and curves do resemble those of the DeathAdder, which is a great thing. The dimensions of it make it suitable for both palm and claw grip users. I’m a hybrid myself, so this is a bonus for me.

The only complaint I have is the two oddly placed buttons on its right side. There’s a reason why the majority of the mice (which are designed mostly for right-handers) omit the placement of buttons at the right side as accidental clicks would tend to be universal. Of course, you could argue that you could just unbind those buttons’ functions, but that would only defeat the purpose of having them there in the first place. Plus, despite being harmless after having removed their services, the buttons would just get in the way. To be fair, it is an ambidextrous gaming mouse, but I’d rather they make another version specifically suited to right-handers instead.


On the whole, the design of SteelSeries Sensei looks pretty simplistic, and the grey version does look a tad bland. You should check out the black and white (Fnatic) version in the first picture above as it seems a lot funkier, or you could also opt for the RAW version, as shown in the image here. The primary difference, besides the color, would be the surface texture. With a price at $90 and with its quality leaning towards the higher end of the spectrum, I’d say it’s a great buy, just not the very best. Oh, and a final exciting fact. IdrA (in case you’re unfamiliar with him, he was a professional and highly controversial Starcraft 2 player) had personally endorsed it in his Amazon review of the mouse.


  • Extremely high DPI
  • Feels very smooth and comfortable to use
  • Excellent LED illumination options
  • Claimed by IdrA as the best mouse ever (not sure whether to place this in the pros or cons, but what the heck)


  • Simplistic design
  • Two additional buttons at its right side tend to get in the way

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