The best comfy gaming chair.

The best comfy gaming chair.

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Of the reviews I wrote in GamingGearLab.Com on occasion, we have on talking about some products for you, such as the best headphones and hard drives you can find, as well as the best gaming mice on sale for PC. However, this time, we want to talk about another accessory, probably one of the most important to consider, such as gaming chairs.

And there are thousands of chairs and all kinds. It is possible to use the seat we want when placing ourselves in front of the computer, which depends on each one. Of course, if, in addition to feeling comfortable, we want to be in good health and not have long-term problems in the body, it is essential not to settle for the first chair we meet.

It is advisable to always be with your back and neck as straight as possible, although it is also a good idea to get up or take walks at some time, even if it is only to stretch your legs. On the other hand, it would also be convenient to keep in mind that a good chair must be made of suitable materials and very resistant to the same reason that we have already indicated. If we are going to spend enough hours a day in it, it is better that they are adapted materials for these cases and do not break or wear out soon.

In this sense, these details apply to the backrest, the armrests, or the wheels themselves, which will end up supporting our weight. Besides, there are also chairs with additional accessories that go beyond what we can find in most, such as tables on which to promote anything, although, of course, these extras are those that end up raising the final price more than usual.

Even so, not all chairs will be equally comfortable for everyone, since not everyone has the same body, the same height, the same weight, the same tastes, etc. In any case, we offer you below some of the best gaming chairs that you can find in case you are considering changing yours soon, or you are looking for a decent one.

1.GT Omega Racing

The GT Omega chair is covered with synthetic leather and ergonomic design. It is also possible to tilt it from 85º to 160º, which will allow us to lie down anytime we are tired to rest entirely. It also has a pillow to rest the head and a lumbar cushion to protect the back, as well as shoulder support and swivel armrests.

2.Mars Gaming MGC118

Race car design with dynamic ailerons to adapt to the user’s body and padded cushions accessories for the head and lower back

·  Fully adjustable two-way armrests

·  180 ° tilt backrest

·  Resistant synthetic leather surface
Here we have one of the most economical options on the list, because we know that not everyone can afford a chair of more than 100 euros. This Mars Gaming MGC118 is the best variant of the MGC1, with a really beautiful and striking design and available in up to 9 colors in combination with black. It is ideal for people of strong complexion and less than 130 Kg , since it has no lateral fins in backrest or seat. It also includes a padded headrest .

The external finish is made of polyurethane leather and nylon , with breathable color bands. For the interior, three layers have been chosen, the first one is thinner and synthetic leather, a second layer of medium density (24Kg / m3) of foam and a third of 60Kg / m3 also of foam. Ergonomics will only allow us to raise and lower the chair in a range of 10 cm and tilt it back 18 degrees. On the other hand the armrests are very padded and the PVC wheels.

Nine colors available

Chair only tiltable, without folding backrest

Padded headrest included

Polyurethane coating and artificial leather padding


Adjustable tilt: allows you to rest up to 135, adjust a comfortable angle when your need to work, read books, play games and also rest and relax. Adequate strong people: adequate wide-base thick sponges, safety and basic metal pneumatic cylinder 80 mm MDI pass the SGS certificate, and a load capacity of up to 150kg. Simple assembly – even if you are not good at assembling the product, you can also according to our respect to the detailed explanation of the product installation, you can assemble the chair in the shortest time. Absolute ergonomic comfort: high back supports strong neck support and back padding in high density sponge, soft pu leather lining, 135 inclination, height adjustable and armrests.

Quality guarantee: its solid base on 5 wheels in pu and nylon, its resistant steel structure and high quality leather guarantee superior strength. You can use in tiles, cement floors, wood floors, it is a fantastic experience to still spend long hours in front of the computer.

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