Wireless keyboard and mouse. Which combo is better to buy?

Wireless keyboard and mouse. Which combo is better to buy?

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When we talk about efficiency, effectiveness, and convenience of use in a desktop computer, it is not necessary to connect it with cables and wires. You can buy a wireless keyboard and mouse that allows you to have everything on the table tidy without worrying about batteries until after a few years. In this informative article, we have, in contrast, the optimal/optimally Bluetooth mouse and keyboard combinations, and that means you know that which to buy and receive the most out of your money.

Comparative wireless keyboard and mouse

Below you have a comparison in which we have compiled the best keyboard and mouse combos that exist today.

Best wireless keyboard and mouse. Logitech MK220 

The best-selling and beloved, and we are not less because it is the best for what it does at quality-price that you can buy if you are looking for a quality wireless keyboard and mouse. If you have a peripheral needs, trust with this brand that you surely know. It seems that Logitech has won us all in this regard. It’s a cheap combo that includes both a great alternative to the typical wired keyboard or mouse.

The Logitech Combo MK200 is a regular wireless keyboard and mouse. It is the ideal companion for those looking for flexibility in their workplace or leisure. For those who also want to take both accessories from one place to another. Inside the package, you will find the wireless keyboard (K220) and the mouse (M150) also without cables, as well as the USB receiver, two triple-A batteries, two double-A batteries, and the user documentation. We let’s see them in detail.

K220 keyboard

In this wireless keyboard and mouse pack, the first one has the standard size you expect. Something good after seeing all these keyboards larger or smaller than usual, so we can use them without any commitment. To make it compact, Logitech has removed the extra spaces of the lower and upper keys to reach the edges. Which means that the keyboard is practically all keys. The only space that can be seen is in the area on the left were the three triple A batteries go.

The manufacturer has been smart and experienced enough to include a space with all the numbers (the small right panel ), so if you’re one of those who are looking for a full wireless mouse keyboard to use that panel quite a bit, you’re in luck. To achieve this compact design, the front row function buttons have been made smaller, but not too much to be inaccessible. The up and down keys are also lower than usual. In general, we can say that Logitech has done an excellent job creating a compact keyboard with lots of features and buttons. The design is not bad too. It is modern, and it will look good wherever you put it.

Regarding the development of this keyboard and mouse set, we can only say good things about the Logitech MK220 and the K220 keyboard. The keys are well positioned and positioned for efficiency, causing you to tap naturally. It also helps that the primary keys have a full size so that your fingers always touch the right ones. The touch response on the keyboard is excellent, and the texture is smooth. If you hate keyboards that are too loud, you’ll love how quiet this keyboard and mouse combo is.

To make matters worse, the construction with which it is made makes you improve your posture. We can say that it is almost perfect, a perfect replacement for your current keyboard — an easy solution for those who are typing in a model that is not doing well.

Both wireless keyboard and mouse connect to your computer with Logitech Advanced 2.4GHz, and configuring it is easy because you do not need to use the software. You just have to plug in the USB receiver, and as long as you have the batteries in your mouse and wireless keyboard, you can use them. You will have a good 10 meters away to continue using both, so if you planned to use them to have, for example, next to the TV, you would also do well.

M150 mouse

We are going to dedicate a couple of paragraphs of this Bluetooth keyboard and mouse combo to talk about the latter. It is a simple, well-designed optical mouse with an ordinary finish. The shape of the mouse is ergonomic, but it feels natural in hand. It has a perfect size, so it is ideal to use a lot. It is designed for both left-handed and right-handed people, that is, you can configure it to be used with both the right and left hands.

Uniform dimensions and the areas where the fingers go have a good outline. You can find the typical standard wheel, as in most models. In use, it performs flawlessly. It goes extremely fine on the cursor control, and you won’t feel it is wireless. You will not find delays or connection errors. Something that can mean the proper functioning of the 2.4GHz USB receiver. Like the wireless keyboard, the mouse works if you want 10 meters away without loss of efficiency.

Still, as a combination of wireless keyboard and mouse, the Logitech MK220 is not the one with the most outstanding design, but everything works without problems. Both possess a remarkable battery life. The two triple-A batteries on the keyboard last for about two years, and so it makes the two double-A batteries of the mouse five months without problems — more than average of what we have done.

Runner-up Logitech MK270 

It seems that Logitech compares the palm with the best combination of Bluetooth keyboard and mouse at affordable prices. After using the MK270 combo for a few months, this is what we can say. I use both laptops and desktops to work. I usually use the computer for everything it is to “chop” and navigate, using the large one for downloads and great games.

The Logitech MK270 is a combo that we recommend for sporadic or medium uses, not if you spend hours and hours writing or using the computer. For this, we have some exciting recommendations below.

The Logitech MK270 set is the one I recommend if you don’t want to look at it much, and you like the design more than the MK220 we have talked about because they are worth the same, but we like the first one. We will see them in detail, just like the previous one, to make it easier for you to choose.

But before, we will make a little reference to the USB that acts as a receiver using this Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse model. It is a small device that you connect to the computer to receive the wireless signal from the two peripherals. The USB looks like a memory stick and is used to plug the receiver into it to extend the message and make it easier to connect and disconnect the accessories from your computer. We loved the size of the receiver that comes with MK270. It is small, so you do not have in mind that it is connected to your laptop or computer.

K270 keyboard

This includes two AAA batteries. It is a full-size keyboard with the small right panel with the full numbers; it also comes with Off / On buttons, function keys, and direction. It has the right quality materials. It gives him space to rest his palms. If you are a regular keyboard user, consider this feature as something perhaps negative.

It has eight function keys to access certain things just by touching. You have Pause, Silence, Volume, Start, Mail, Energy, and Calculator, all integrated into these keys. As for the battery, it will last you one year just like the mouse without problems.

M185 mouse

In this wireless keyboard and mouse pack, the latter is a reasonably small mouse. If you like compact and tiny size, then you will love it. If you are like me, of those who prefer those who are high, then this combination will not be the idea. Even so, if you start using it, you will get used to the size without problems in a few days.

It is a mouse model that comes with two buttons and the wheel that all of today have, like any basic model. On the back, you can find the on and off buttons with the typical On / Off. If the lid opens, You Also May find an AA battery — also a place to put the USB receiver. By the way, you can keep it inside the mouse when you’re not using it.

Although the M185 has an optical light, you won’t see it when you turn it on. Use an invisible type of view, so you save some energy and all this way. By the way, this mouse is going to “sleep” if you do not use it for a while, which makes you save even more. It lasts approximately one year before changing the batteries.

What if I use many hours on my computer?

We are going to tell you that if you are long periods with the keyboard and mouse, then none of these will serve you, but quiet. We also have you covered. What we recommend in this case is to buy them separately, and we have made two comparisons of the best wireless mouse and keyboards you can find.

  • Wireless mouse. We talk about the type of grip and what you need in your case.
  • Wireless keyboard. Of different types and prices according to the hours you work.

With these two top analyzes, you will find the best one you can find. While it is true that it will cost you much more than the top two, but those are only for occasional use.

Guide to buy wireless keyboard and mouse

The two top models are the best in value for money you can find today. We have analyzed at least about 30 guiding us by what users have bought. We present a little guide to buying things that we find interesting to consider before you continue with your purchase, but in any case, we recommend the offers linked at the top to find the best prices.

Differences between input peripherals

Wireless keyboards and mice come in different shapes and sizes, plus additional features to increase your productivity. While they are not always distinguished in different categories, the nature of a set can be determined by the features they include.

All primary computer keyboards have all the alphabet and numbers as well as characters and symbols. On the other hand, the mice will use two buttons and a wheel, unless you want more, but then you would have to buy a gaming mouse that comes with many extras. In the line of keyboards we find:

  • Oriented to multimedia content. They are keyboards with more modified buttons to activate content such as music and video, control the volume or access the email with the press of a button. It is not a feature that makes you pay a lot.
  • Ergonomically. Ergonomic keyboards and mice are designed for maximum comfort when using them and thus reduce the risk of injuries associated with using them for a long time.

Considerations for buying the best Bluetooth keyboard and mouse

Their functionality judges the right mouse and wireless keyboard. Many manuals are loaded with extra keys and features, but it is less common for them to be organized naturally and easily for users to remember.

A right keyboard will be comfortable and easy to use without having to adjust to find more buttons. Their shape and size generally judge mice as they are healthy, but some designs can be both ergonomic and functional. Consider the following when buying both peripherals.

Easy to use. Flat keys without any human psychology can be a health risk for users who use these keyboards. Ergonomics can be larger, more extensive, and expensive, but the benefit compensates for the initial cost. Comfortable wireless keyboards and mice make it much easier to work with them and avoid wrist injuries.

They have modified buttons and keys. They tend to include extension keys to increase convenience. It depends on the type of person using them; some may seem more necessary than others. Still, we usually know that the extra buttons on a mouse are not as standard, but combined with an ergonomic design, they can have a general effect on productivity.

Template. All the modifier keys in the world are useless if they are not located in a place that is easy to press. Smart designs make it easy for users and consumers to get used to and use them as standard keys.

Battery life. Running out of energy without waiting can be a time killer. A right keyboard and wireless mouse give enough months of power and do not leave you lying a few weeks later. What if it is up to you to have a suitable replacement for batteries in the bedroom.

Why a wireless keyboard-mouse combo

Since a keyboard-mouse are essential peripherals for the operations of your laptop or computer for either leisure or work, an almost infinite number are available in the market. Although wired accessories remain an option, the truth is that many are already “expired” in a wireless world.

If you’re still fighting on your peripherals with cables, you’re probably discovering that a wireless keyboard and mouse is what you need in the 21st century from the presentation to dominate the online gaming world, to home entertainment from your living room. So just say goodbye to so many wires that keep you tied to your table. With Bluetooth devices, you will have everything much tidier -r.

The good thing about buying a keyboard with a mouse pack is that you will save money compared to the individual purchase of each peripheral. As a negative point, you will not be able to choose the keyboard or mouse model you want, but if this is not decisive for you, the economic savings of buying one of these combos are considerable.

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